• wellness-in-spring

      Wellness in spring

      The treatments belonging to  “wellness in spring” are: peeling, purification and regeneration. During the cold season our skin remains buried and heavy cloths, therefor in spring it could appear grayish, while the face skin seems dull and unglamorous because of the cold temperature and the smog during the freezy season. The body can be weak because of the fat winter food. With the beginning of the spring there is general “cleaning” of the body and its skin. A good idea to reduce cellulitis are the treatments of thalassotherapy with algas, marine salt and clay.

      All these ingredients are able to purify and detoxicate the skin. The skin cleaning should also be made on the face, as during the winter this skin is even more sensible to eruptions and similar problems. Therefor there should be made purifying, constructive and calming masks.

      An example for a face treatment is the steam bath, besides from the classic face masks with green clay. There should be added essential oils to the warm water, like for instance mint, lemon or pine oil for oily skin or rose oil for mature and sensible skin. Even a scrub belongs to the most important treatments for the spring, it helps the skin to breath again and to free itself from dirt and toxins. The scrub alleviates cellulitis, especially if made with salt, coffee, cacao or chili. With the beginning of spring it is even easier to maintain oneself fit, with the first warm days it’s more comfortable to make some walk or some bicycle tour in the heart of the nature…

      Wellness in spring is a good remedy against eventual allergies, thanks to homeopathic and natural adjuvants, which can be taken 2-3 weeks before the pollen season starts. An example is the Ribes Nigrum, which can be taken as drops or capsules. It contains a lot of vitamin C, it’s rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Another more exotic remedy is the Chinese basil oil, it’s available in capsules. It’s rich in essential fatty acids, but even in flavonoids. Other natural remedies against allergies are the Uncaria Tomentosa or the Boswellia.