• wellness-in-winter

      Wellness in winter

      The principal function of wellness in winter is that of maintaining the skin nourished and hydrated since fever and wind put it to a hard test, especially if the skin is dry and sensible. Another negative aspect of this season is the smog, typical for persons who live in cities. Therefor the skin seems dull and grayish. Moreover it’s essential to clean and moisturize the skin at the evening, since it regenerates during the night.

      It’s also necessary to remove the make- up profoundly for a young and healthy skin, going to bed with make- up could provoke even more impurity since the skin wasn’t cleaned enough. Moreover it promotes the skin- aging, since the skin isn’t able to regenerate completely. Warm baths are always a magic bullet, especially if combined with salt, since it is a good device against stress, beside from being a purifying and deodorant agent. The skin must also be moisturized with a hydrating body cream, since in this cold season the skin becomes dry and reddened.

      The feet are closed in robust shoes and socks, they tend to hornification and cornea. Because of this it’s important to pass over the pumice stone every day after the bath or the shower. Even the hands must be moisturized many times, since they represent a part of the body which endures many climatic and environmental “aggressions”: dirt, cleaning agents, detergents etc. After the hands washing it’s necessary to moisturize them with a hand cream or with argan oil, known for its emollient and repairing qualities. It improves and alleviates reddened skin, eczemas, dermatitis and psoriasis. Another allied of the hands is the oil of St. John’s wort, known for its calming, anti- depressive and sedative qualities. It’s known as the so- called “oil of housewifes”. Even the oil of the wild rose is very recommended for the hand- wellness, especially in case of mature skin. Actually it helps to enlighten the age spots. 

      Another helpful agent of the hands, proper for any age, is the karité butter, rich in vitamin A, B, F. It cures the roughness of the hands due to cold and promotes the formation of collegene and elastin, beside from being an excellent anti- oxidant agent. Thanks to this substance, you can moisturize even other dry areas of the skin, as for instance the knees and ellbows.