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      Wellness romantic

      “Wellness romantic” gives you the possibility to spend a wellness holiday together with your partner, finally some time for the couple. These relaxing moments are necessary to disconnect from the hectic world of every day, since the needs of the partner often slide to the second place because of familiar, working, burocratic etc. obligations. Many Italian regions offer the possibility to spend a wonderful “wellness romantic” holiday, in beautiful regions as for instance Campania, Trentino South Tyrol, Apulia, the Toscana or Sardinia. You can choose between numerous offers for a romantic weekend with wellness and relax.

      The several health resorts actually offer various treatments for couples, often inspirated by the Oriental tradition. Some examples are: Ayurvedic massages, Tibetan massages, Reiki with salt, with almond oil, Thai massages, with candles, with chocolate and so on…even treatments with chili are possible. Moreover guests can enjoy relaxing baths: thalassotherapy, the Cleopatra bath, hydromassages. Other wellness treatments for couples are: yoga, hammam, chromotherapy, salt grot, sauna, chromatic showers, various types of scrubs: with almonds, with citrus fruits, argan oil. Even men today are very attentive to the own appearance and want to prevent and reduce aesthetic problems like for example wrinkles. Therefor there exist couple massages with grape seed oil, face massages, nourishing masks. Many health resorts as a great finale offer a bath with hydromassage and a flûte of champagne!

      There exist numerous wellness packages for couples which feature one optional treatment, for her and for him. For example, the man can choose between chocholat- massage or hydromassage, while the woman can choose a vanilla treatment or another kind of massage. The “unisex”- wellness treatments can be: bamboo massage, back massages, the traditional hey- bath etc. Thermal treatments are adequate for a romantic holiday as well, since the therapeutic properties of the thermal water allows the cure of various problems and ailments in a totally natural way.