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      What is wellness?

      The term “wellness” means well- being and it concentrates basically on health. Until the sixties health was understood as the simple absence of illness, but today the term often describes the well- being of someone- of both body and soul. While the western medicine separated these two concepts for centuries over centuries, in the eastern medicine they’ve always represented one single thing. Many medicines such as the Indian, Chinese and Japanese one are based on this principle.

      They gave rise to popular treatments as for instance Yoga, Ayurveda, the Tui Na massage, Reiki etc. Their popularity is also founded on the fact that India and its antique philosophy invaded the Occident in the sixties, when hippies and several VIP’s followed the traineeship of Indian gurus as for example the Beatles did. It was exactly that time that terms like “ashram”, “meditation”, “ayurveda” or “guru” entered in the common use! Also the Occident praises a long tradition of care and treatments, which in the last ten years came to new life, as a consequence of the modern lifestyle characterized by stress and rush. The wellness holiday is actually the most mature segment of Italian tourism and it continues to generate profit also in times of crisis. By now you can find wellness centers everywhere: by the Sea, in the mountains, in the cities of art etc. 

      The midpoint of Occidental wellness are the thermal baths and the treatments connected to them. Already the ancient Romans loved these kind of treatments, in fact the term “spa, salus per aquam” does mean health across water. For understanding the importance that thermal baths had in this culture it’s possible to visit the archaeological excavations at Pompeo, Caracalla or Rome. The thermal treatments became popular again at the end of the ninetheenth century, when the European and the American society visited the European thermal cities, the so-called “villes d’eaux”.

      For a long time thermal holidays were considered as a synonym of “senior holidays”, they served to treat several kinds of ailments. In the last years this kind of holiday has been rejuvenated thanks to the fact that the thermal baths are good for everybody not only for elderly person, also to brake aging and to reduce cellulitis. Furthermore the thermal baths are excellent for children as they can treat typical complaints such as ear infections, sinustitis or allergies in a totally natural way. A lot of baths have specialized themselves on children, offering wellness as it were a game.